20 facts about me

1. My Chinese name means apple.
2. I was born and raised in Canada so I'm a true Canadian girl. 
3. This means I absolutely love skiing and skating and of course hockey. Go sens!
4. I have a husky puppy and we call her Misca.
5. Family is the most important thing. Im so lucky to have the parents that I have. And my younger sister. She's my best friend.
6. Sometimes, I pretend that I'm Hawaiian.
7. I love music and music festivals, I mean who doesn't? Some of my favourite artists are Lorde, Foster the people, Florence and the machine and Milky chance.
8. I also love art and fashion, anything creative like blogging, taking pictures or polaroids. 
9. I studied computer science for university but as amazing as coding and technology is, it wasn't for me.
10. So, I went back to my original choice of studying business and guess what, I really enjoy it.
11. But... I did score some extra cool opportunities from comp sci. I worked at BlackBerry for two summers as a tester for android software and development. It was pretty cool.
12. I hope to graduate in 2020 then get an MBA.
13. I love to travel a lot. I mean every 20 something does now a days. 
14. My favourite places that I've been to are: China, Spain, Italy, Amalfi coast, Côte d'Azur, Monaco, Hawaii and Nyc.
15. Hopefully I can travel to every single continent in my life time.
16. I collect Polaroids when I travel. Most recently, I took lots of beautiful ones in Kauai.
17. I think strong long lasting friendships are so important and I love the group of people in my life at the moment.
18. Girlfriends are so important and special. To quote Sex and the City, "maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with".
19. I definitely believe in the law of the universe and the rule of karma. So channel positive energy, do good things and you will get good karma back.
20. I am incredibly excited for my 20's. A lot of shit is gonna go down.


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