happy earth day + green tips

Happy earth day! Our planet is so incredible and beautiful so today we celebrate it. But we should be celebrating and taking care of our planet everyday. You seriously forget how beautiful it actually is, from all the different climates, mountains, beaches, jungles. Places like Antelope Canyon to the Napali Coast to the snowy mountains in Switzerland to the South American rainforests. Earth offers us so much and we only have one. Remember that you have two homes... earth and your body so take care of them. There are little things we can all do to conserve the planet so do your part.

These polaoids I took in Kauai just eight months ago and now the beautiful island has been  destroyed by floods. It's insane how powerful yet beautiful Mother Nature can be. The whole point is if we all work towards improving the environment, all the small actions will make a big difference. These actions can slow down climate change and keep our environment clean. This is so relevant right now with all the big corporations polluting and the oceans filled with plastic.

Green tips:
- use organic reusable cotton pads
- use stainless steel straws
- do blue bin and black bin every week
- compost and use your green bin
- try walking or biking instead of driving places
- car pool with friends
- don't leave the water running when you're getting ready
- grow your own fruits and vegetables
- be conscious of what you're buying, food items or clothing
- reuse a water bottle every day


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