long distance friendship

Recently I've been seriously missing my two best friends. I can't remember the last time all of us were together in the same city. I'm here, one is in Montreal and the other is 16,895 km across the world living it up in sunny Australia. I'm still so jealous. I know people say they miss other people every day all of the time. But I really do mean it and have this empty feeling lately. The universe blessed me and these two are my people. We have similar energies, always support each other and have been friends for forever. I'm lucky to be surrounded by many great people but I can't shake off the nostalgic memories right now. I'm missing the long summer nights where we would chat til it gets dark, bike rides to get ice cream instead of going to the gym and all the road trips. And everything in between. It really doesn't matter if we're having drinks downtown on a rooftop or sitting in the livingroom watching movies, we are always happy as long as we are together. Having deep life chats, giving each other advice as if either of us know what we're talking about, laughing and crying uncontrollably. We spent all of high school and every summer together. We're still close but yet so far apart... three girls in three different cities. It seems we all grew up like that and we're living such separate lives right now. Everyone is doing their own thing, trying to get our degrees and get our lives together. So, I consider it long distance friendship for now. I really miss you two. But all this time apart will just make reuniting so much sweeter. And, in the meantime we have technology on our side... facetime, messages, sharing photos. Other wise I can't wait to all be back in Ottawa this summer.

P.s Deet took this pic in Second Valley, South Australia


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