10 reasons i'm proud to be canadian

because Canada is...

1. Welcoming and accepting where it is easy to start a new life. People come here from Asia, Africa or any other place from around the world to find a fresh start here and they are able to.

2. Gun free. Living in a world right now where there is so much unnecessary gun violence, especially in our neighbour country. I am so happy that guns are unacceptable over here. 

3.  A country that offers free healthcare. It's free. You can have no job and no insurance, walk into a clinic or hospital and get treated for no charge so a sudden illness will not financially destroy you where you spend the rest of your life paying off a bill.

4. A place of diversity filled with people from all around the world with different stories, backgrounds and cultures. We have every colour on the spectrum and everyone is accepted here. I love this because this way everyone becomes more cultured and aware about other people's stories.

5. A country that helps others who are in need like the Syrian refugees. Our government and leaders clearly know kindness, compassion and recognize what's right. They implement proper policies to aid others who need help like the innocent families from war torn Syria.

6. An absolutely beautiful country from coast to coast. We have ten gorgeous but different provinces and three territories up north. Can you name all of them? There are so many breath taking national parks and wonders to see. For the nature lover, you can hike, swim, kayak, canoe or any other adventure you want.

7. Kind. You ever travel to a place in Europe? Or watch the movies where the American people pretend to be Canadian and wear the little Canada flag pin (this happens in Argo). It is well known across the globe that we Canadians are nice, friendly, kind which is not a bad rep to have is it. We treat everyone with kindness... it's in the water.

8. The best at hockey. No argument. Where are all the best players from in the Nhl even if they are on a U.S team? 

9. A country of dreams. Being born and raised here, the mentality I had growing up was that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. Why did I think like this? Maybe because I looked around and everyone else was happy and living their life to the fullest. This country offers so many jobs and opportunities

10. A country with really good food. All I'm saying is try poutine.

As a Canadian, we just know we live in the best country. Sure I love to travel but nowhere compares close to home.


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