the perfect To weekend

Driving down the freeway at night with your friends singing on the top of your lungs is one of the best feelings. Especially during road trips. This weekend was one for the books. Spending quality time with best friends and exploring such a fun city. Guys, if you're ever in Canada make sure to add Toronto to your list! It's a beautiful place filled with art, culture, trendy rooftop pool bars, the best shopping and every restaurant possible. I think there's a lil bit of Nyc in there as well. But my favourite areas are the artsy streets with Kate Moss murals and pretty dive bars. It was so nice to go back with my friends Jen and Lina because we got to go to both their hometowns so I got a taste of where they grew up. I got to spend time with Jen and her twin sister Julie so I was seeing double all weekend and the best part was going to Lina's for a classic sleepover. Lina's dad stayed up past midnight to make his famous Korean pork bone soup for us to try. It was soo good. Do you guys like Korean food? We also got to celebrate our other friend Jen's bday all together. We're all feeling happy to have each other. 

The weekend was rad. Here are some things to do while in Toronto:

  • Oretta Italian cafe/restaurant
  • Green grotto bubble tea
  • Matcha ice cream
  • The porch rooftop restaurant
  • Kost rooftop pool bar
  • Lavelle rooftop pool bar
  • Churros in Kensington market
  • Uncle Tetsu Japanese cheesecake and tarts (so bomb)
  • Arctic bites Thai inspired rolled ice cream
  • Any bubble tea shop
  • Queen st west shopping
  • For Aritzia lovers go visit Wilfred and Babaton in the eaton centre
  • U of t campus
  • Cn tower duh
  • Art gallery of Ontario 
  • Allan gardens (must see it's beautiful and free)
  • Kensington market
  • Graffiti alley
  • Banks exhibit open until August 19th
  • Casa loma


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