deet goes to australia

She is finally home but seven months ago, one of my best friends Edyta left for Cali then straight to Australia for her exchange. Deet is one of the closest people in my life, she's talented, creative, kind and we always have a good time together whether it's on a trip in the Caribbean or going grocery shopping and eating Five Guys. I guess that's when you know you're lucky and found a best friend - you can be doing nothing or everything together yet it's still a good time. She is currently studying architecture which is beyond cool and did a semester in the South of Australia in Adelaide. Her time looked unreal filled with road trips, new friends, kangaroos, koalas, vineyards, soccer, hiking, swimming, beaches and beautiful views. She already has a sick feed going on (@edytasuska) but I was stoked that she is letting me share with you her trip!

Enjoy these one of a kind Australia pictures

Davina + Edyta

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