how to stay grounded

I’m the kind of girl who believes in universal energy whether that’s different powers, star signs, love language or straight up karma (so be a nice person guys). I also think that when too many good things are happening in my life, something bad is coming or that there’s always a catch. I can’t help but constantly feel this way so whenever I get to a good place, I’m always looking over my shoulder for the next bad thing to happen. Am I crazy guys or do any of you feel this way as well?

With all this said, I’m learning how to find a healthy balance. Life is not black or white and pure happiness only lasts for short moments. So, the past couple months I have truly taught myself how to stay grounded. I remind myself that life is not simply one or the other – to be really amazing or not amazing whatsoever. In fact, it is a mix of both and constantly changing course. So it is 100% okay to have really high ups and really low downs as long as you can find middle ground for everyday. After a rough couple of months, I finally know now how to stay grounded no matter what curveball life throws at me – whether it’s family, friends, love, health, job or school related. I now feel stronger than ever and intend to keep it that way. Whatever is coming next, I have a strong base. I will try to handle it.

These are the things that keep me grounded:
People: those in my life are spectacular. I seriously don’t know what I would do without my amazing family and my best friends. Good conversations and proper life chats give me so much energy/inspiration. If you ever feel down, open up to a loyal friend and talk about whatever.

Health: eating healthy and exercising is scientifically proven to improve your state of mind. Besides eating really clean, keeping active helps me to recharge. Activities I love are: stretching, walking my puppy Misca, yoga, running, spinning and trying out new studios. Think about it guys, if you’re physically healthy your mind will try to match to be mentally healthy.

Work: routine really helped me find balance. I never really liked school but I do like learning whether that’s new languages or a new activity or a new skill. I love my new job/office this year and I find it really helpful to have a go-to routine whether that’s my Monday to Friday work schedule or how I do my skincare at night.

Play: how do you spend your free time? I realized I’m happier when I’m not being a potato and staying in my room alone binge watching tv shows (although it’s sometimes needed). I’m finding more joy in trying new things or doing different things. I love trying new places to eat and drink with my friends, going hiking, going for road trips, singing in the car, reading, writing on Honey Girl, skiing when it’s cold, swimming when it’s hot, going out, going to the movies – anything really.

Music (a lot of it): music is my therapy. As hyped up and over priced as they are now, I can’t live without my airpods (they are the best). Anyone who knows me knows that I love music and listen to it all hours of the day from waking up, getting ready, my commute to work, at work, when I work out, when I walk Misca, when I shower and right before bed (then repeat). Monthly music playlists to come soon.

Travel: this one is a bit pricier but if you love it and value travel, you make time/money for it. Whether it’s a weekend trip downtown to explore your own city or a month trip to Italy, travel provides a fresh perspective and a new mindset. I believe not only are you getting cultured but you’re growing too. Go out and see the world!

That’s it for today. These six things really help me stay balanced.


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