I'm back + skincare favourites

Hi guys,
It's been a minute (or half a year). A lot has happened the past six months for me and I'm so excited to create content again. I've always been really creative and I love having this online space where I can share whatever I feel like with you - whether that's what music I'm liking, where I'm travelling to this summer down to what exercise or skincare I'm loving at the moment.

I stopped posting at the end of summer 2018 which was hands down, one of my favourite summers. Fast forward from then til now, I feel like I've been shot to outer space and have finally come back to earth (to quote my fave Mac Miller song). I had a fall school semester, a lot of ups, a lot of downs, a long mental health break, found my grip again, finally started feeling balance, started a new job, just bought my first house and now I'm ready to stay happy/healthy and keep on growing. This brings me back to Honey Girl. A space I created for myself to unleash all my creativity, ideas, inspiration, likes or dislikes. This site is one of my favourite things and now that I'm feeling like myself again, I'm ready to create more and more posts. Honey Girl turns 1 March 24th and I'm ready to step it up now so stay tuned everyone!

Now, for some skincare favourites. These are my holy grail cause I'm such a skincare addict.

- Glossier milky jelly cleanser
- Kiehl's ultra facial cleanser
- CeraVe foaming facial cleanser (drugstore and the best)

- Glossier super glow serum
- Mario Badescu facial spray w aloe, cucumber and green tea
- Thayer's witch hazel w aloe vera

- Aveeno daily moisturizer (super inexpensive and my go-to)
- Glossier priming moisturizer
- Kiehl's glow formula skin hydrator (makes your skin shimmer)

- Origins charcoal mask
- Lush chocolate cupcake face mask
- Summer Fridays jet lag mask


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