22 things to be happy about

When I was younger I remember getting a book called 14 000 things to be happy about. I remember thinking how can someone have that many things to be happy about? On Sunday I saw this book sitting on my bookshelf, and I couldn’t help but make a list of all the things I am happy about. I’m turning 22 in 10 days and I finally get it now… happiness is something infinite.

The feeling of pure joy or excitement is hard to compare. Usually it only lasts for a couple of minutes or even seconds. Because nobody is always 100% happy. Happiness comes in waves. I’ve learned to constantly stay balanced and appreciate all the little things. Do not chase happiness cause you can find it in everything. It is more important to practice gratitude and appreciation. To enjoy everything you have in your life.

This was my list I made over breakfast on Sunday:


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