30 by 30

Happy Monday!
I was feeling inspired by Rachel from That's Chic. Her content is literally the best. She shared a list of 30 things she wants to accomplish by 30 and I really liked this idea. I think it's important to create and track your goals. It provides good motivation and you can hold yourself accountable. There's always room for growth and improvement right? Anyway I'm still 21 so this gives me some time to tackle my list but it was a lot of fun to make it. I think it will give me extra drive every day.

30 by 30
1.       Graduate university and finally get my bachelor’s degree
2.       Buy my first house + create a great home
3.       Pickup piano again, learn 2 new songs
4.       Eat clean and exercise at least four days a week
5.       Spend less than 2 hours/day on phone
6.       Find a good job (also challenging) that makes me happy
7.       Travel to 6 new countries
8.       Get more into health and wellness (yoga, essential oils)
9.       Start my own garden for fruits and veg
10.   Save $150,000
11.   Keep as healthy mentally and physically
12.   Learn Spanish
13.   Marie kondo my entire house top to bottom
14.   Speak French and Mandarin more often
15.   Stretch every day and go to yoga once a week
16.   Buy a black jeep + take a road trip through California
17.   Surprise my parents with a trip (like Hawaii or something)
18.   Finish 20 books
19.   Practice more gratitude and vulnerability
20.   Stick to what I believe in, my values and goals
21.   Send more handwritten cards
22.   Get an Australian labradoodle
23.   Learn how to cook like Chrissy Teigen
24.   Do as much running, boxing, spinning, yoga, hiking, moving as I can
25.   Journal as much as I can on Honey Girl so I can keep it forever
26.   Spend my free time with all the people I love + make more new friends
27.   Have family dinners once a week with mum, dad, Elayna
28.   Sing and dance as much as I can
29.   Travel to Italy, India and Bali for a month (eat pray love trip)
30.   Spread love through kindness and listening



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