Toronto guide

Toronto was a dreamy weekend trip. Always a good time when there’s a roadtrip involved. I’m lucky cause my two best friends both live near Toronto so we can drive up to hangout in the city as much as possible. A little like New York city – it’s always a really good time. Our long weekend trip consisted of a lot of exploring, shopping, pasta, drinks, spontaneity and soul cycle duh. Every time I go, I find there’s something different I can do or go try out.

Here are my favourites for Toronto:
-          Drake Hotel for brunch + get the cinnamon rolls (which to my disappointment is not Drake’s hotel)
-          Allan Gardens conservatory, the most beautiful garden and it’s totally free
-          Kensington market for the best food (donuts, churros) and you can get piercings for only $20!!
-          Terroni for the best authentic pasta you have ever tasted, in a redone courthouse
-          Soul Cycle for a good workout on your To trips, the music and vibe is literally the best
-          Mildred’s Temple Kitchen for the coolest pancakes ever
-          Quantam coffee a really cute minimalist coffee shop
-          Wilfred and Babaton stores
-          Her Majesty’s Pleasure to treat yourself and get your nails done nice
-          Distillery district
-          Archeo, this really good Italian restaurant with really good pasta
-          Restoration Hardware café, the most beautiful place I have ever eaten (seriously you could get married there)

Those are some of my favourites from this weekend but it’s Toronto so there are so many more.


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