what I learned working at lululemon

Very few people can argue with the positive affirmations printed on the Lululemon manifesto. There are practical directions “Drink fresh water and as much water as you can”. Important reminders “What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves”. Inspiring quotes “Do one thing a day that scares you” and “This is not your practice life. This is all there is”. My personal favourite is “Dance, sing, floss and travel”. Practically everyone knows of the yoga pant store but not everyone knows these things: they sell all types of active wear, everyday clothes on top of just yoga gear and the store is 50/50 girls and guys. Also it is amazing to work for them.

Summer 2018 was one of my favourite summers to date. One of the reasons why was I worked at Lululemon for a solid six months. A cool Canadian company with the best culture and values whose mission is to promote health and wellness. There is a reason why this company thrives and I learned immediately once I started working there. I definitely wasn’t just selling stretchy pants… there was lots of self-growth. This is what I learned working at Lululemon.

1. It is incredibly important to do goal setting. Lulu is all about forgetting mediocrity and achieving greatness. They encourage a culture of leadership, goal setting and personal responsibility. I learned to start setting goals, tracking them, dreaming up bigger ones and holding myself accountable for everything I do.
2. Slow down to speed up. They tell us to do this when it’s really busy in store to ensure we educate everyone properly and keep good conversations. But this idea holds true to anything in life really. Like the story of the tortoise and hare, slow and steady wins the race. I learned that it’s ok to take longer or need more time because in the end, the job will be done better.
3. Go out of your comfort zone. If you told me last summer that now, I’d be running, spinning, boxing, lifting and training more than ever… I would’ve laughed in your face. Always been a yoga and chill kind of girl but now I’m trying so many new things and making new friends along the way. Working there taught me to be a little bit braver and I was encouraged to try different workouts. Fast forward to now – I absolutely love it.
4. Be kind to everyone, you don’t know their story. I loved this one when they spoke about this on day one of training. It is completely true and this idea goes far beyond the workplace. Everyone should remember this and apply it everyday. Don’t be so fast to judge or criticize because you have no idea who the person is and what they are experiencing.
5. Dream big and strive for greatness. The people that I was lucky enough to work with are all so inspiring. My manager started her own farm, Sarah is doing her Masters on food and culture, Myles played rugby for UBC and Josh runs half marathons. They’re all creative, innovative and have big dreams. This serves as a constant reminder to dream big as well.
6. Work hard, play hard. Everyone has heard this one before. Simple but powerful words to constantly live by. At Lulu, we all worked hard but knew how to lighten up, keep down to earth and have a lot of fun.

I could go on and on but that’s it for today. Thank you Lululemon for teaching me so much. I had such a brilliant experience working there and met some of the coolest, nicest people.



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