5 things I'm grateful for

1. family/friends: you know who you are, you light up my life. shoutout to mum, dad, bubs, claire, jen, lina, deet, rach, han, v, ben, jules, steven, ethan, zack, harry, keirt, logan, tea, jen

2. good health: it is so important to me to keep as healthy as possible these days. keeping active and eating well are key to feeling good mentally and physically. believe it or not, working out keeps my mind clear and my body strong. there really is no better cure to feeling down than to get up and move your body.

3. school: I never really liked studying/school that much but I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to go to university and get a degree (thanks mum and dad). learning can be fun and I'm just excited to finally finish up this year. to see what else is in store next. to move on to new goals.

4. luxury to be creative: I always feel so lucky that I have the luxury to be as expressive and creative as I care to be everyday. I can go wherever, wear what I want, create things, share them and explore life freely. few people have this creative luxury due to a number of reasons - where they are born, how they are raised, their government, their laws. it's important to be grateful for these things cause often, people take for granted what life gives them.

5. new friendships: two things that give me energy are good connections and good conversations. i'm grateful to constantly be meeting new people and growing from relationships. after all, life should be filled up with the best people and best memories. what's a good life without love and adventure.



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