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Since the beginning of time, authors, gurus, poets and philosophers have pondered over the most popular world in the human language. Love. We all talk about love parents have for their children,  someone has for their lover and love in friendships. But it's not often we talk about self-love. More importantly, how it is the foundation for a healthy life. When we can establish good practice of this, I think we will end up more authentic and honest in the long run.

Here are some tips to increase your self love:
Start by implementing some healthy routines.
- set a sleep routine. six to eight hours is essential to recharge. you want to gain enough rest every night so you have enough energy to tackle your day.
- set a physical commitment. when you feel good physically, you feel god mentally. it doesn't have to be a shiny new gym membership (which you'll probably ditch post January), but just start with small commitments like stretching every morning, dancing it out to Lizzo or a couple workout classes.
- make healthy food choices. watching what you put into your body makes all the difference. it will help you feel and look better.
- skincare routine. maybe it's the asian in me but I'm obsessed with good skincare. your face is the first thing people see in all your interactions so I think that a clear, glowy complexion will only make you feel your best and confident.
- listening to music + setting positive affirmations. nothing I like more than listening to music especially out loud in my room after a long day. I like to take this time to reflect and remind myself of my capabilities.

Then by implementing some positive affirmations:
- You are strong and capable.
- You are smart so keep chasing your goals.
- Be kind to everyone.
- Work hard.
- You deserve the best if you give your best.


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