how to make the best of staying home

Quarantine for two months and counting and I know some of you are going stir crazy as well. If you are staying at home or working from home, don’t forget how lucky you are to get to be at home. But it’s also ok to feel overwhelmed/anxious since the world has been on pause for awhile. It’s important to keep staying home and keep social distancing... not just for your well being but for your family, your friends, your community and for all the essential workers. If they can risk their lives fighting this, the least that we can do is get comfy staying at home. Here are some ways to make the best of it!

Level up on your self-care, baths, face masks, hair masks, body scrubs
Get cooking, learn some new recipes
Bake your heart away (lucky charm rice crispy recipe soon)
Try new at home workouts (Alexis Ren ones are my fave)
Read books
Listen to podcasts and good music
Online shop
Make tie dye shirts
Grow your own fruits and veggies
Facetime all your favourite people
Organize/ archive all your old  photos



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