signs you’re with the wrong person

Loving someone and feeling loved might be two of the best feelings in the world. When you’re so in love that it feels like nothing else matters or seems as important in life. Being in love feels different than relationships with your family or connections with your friends. It’s honestly one of the best feelings you can experience and gives you so much energy and power. But how do you know if you’re with the right person? How do you know if they’re actually good for you? 

Here are signs you’re with the wrong person:

1. Not giving enough effort: Effort is the most attractive thing. Doesn’t matter if it’s the first week of the relationship or a year in but they should always be putting in effort. 

2. Not making enough time: Everyone’s busy and has things going on in their life. But if they truly care about you, they will make time for you because there’s always enough.

3. Not able to open up: If they can’t express their emotions properly to you or how they feel about the relationship. They need to be able to be vulnerable and share their feelings with you and not hold back emotionally.

4. Not a good communicator: They need to be able to communicate everything they’re thinking or feeling, even if sometimes it can be harder. They have to be comfortable enough to share their mindset on things and not compress thoughts that just blowup later.

5. They’re selfish. Obviously we know to look for someone who’s kind, caring, smart, funny and good looking but one thing we usually forget is selfishness, especially once you’re already knee-deep in the relationship with the rose coloured glasses on. Someone can still be sweet and thoughtful yet selfish at the same time. They choose to do things in their life with only themselves in mind and not consider you.

6. They don’t include you in their future plans. What’s the point of the relationship in the first place then?

7. You’re constantly giving and they are only taking. 

8. You’re not on the same wavelength on how you feel about each other or what you both want from the relationship. For something long term to work out, you need to want the same thing for the relationship. You need to both be equally as invested in it.

9. They have tunnel vision. They only consider how things will affect them, impact them, or change their life. When you’re in a serious relationship, you need to consider the other person when making big life changing decisions.

10. Their words and actions don’t match. Everyone knows that it’s so much easier to say things than actually do them. Don’t say things if you don’t mean them or can’t follow through. You should always stick to your gut feelings. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

These are some things I’ve learned through out the years and they have definitely helped me learn some important lessons. Trust your intuition and believe in your gut feelings before it’s too late. Love may be amazing but don’t lose yourself in the wrong person. Some people are just not good enough for you, don’t deserve your love, and eventually you will find something even better than you imagined. 



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