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If you’re anything like me then you also love the casual, trendy, lounge, model off duty style right now. Style inspiration constantly flowing from girls like Hailey Baldwin. I think any look where style meets comfort hits the right spot. Something girly with a pair of fresh sneakers or cute lounge wear with a nice bag. 

These looks are sooo effortless and pretty at the same time. My new favourite page to draw inspiration from is @fits.bypaige off Instagram. She comes up with the prettiest off duty everyday looks and highlights key pieces you should be adding to elevate your style. She loves Hailey probably as much as I do!!

Read our interview below.

Describe yourself. What are your interests and inspirations?
I would describe myself as very chill and easy going. I have a passion for streetstyle fashion! I am also obsessed with Hailey Bieber - everything about her!

What caused you to start @fits.bypaige?
I was bored in quarantine scrolling through Instagram and I saw someone have an outfit Instagram like mine. I really loved the outfits she posted and I thought it would be so fun to try it myself - and here I am!

Who are your style icons and why?
My number one style icon is Hailey Bieber! Every time I see a photo of her, I absolutely love her outfit. I also love her stylist Maeve and the influencer on Instagram ‘blckdope’.

What are your favourite shops and holy grail clothing items?
I mostly shop online! I love Depop and I also love vintage shops! Holy grail items are an oversized hoodie, black sweatpants, baggy jeans and sneakers!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I am hoping to have my own clothing company. It is something I have been brainstorming about for a while.

What are a couple favourite things you can't live without?
I can’t live without my little puppy Elvin! He’s a toy Maltese. Also, I can’t live without my sweatpant/sweatshirt collection! I wear them everyday. 

Where is the best place you have traveled? And why?
I would say the best place I traveled was Israel. I went there on a high school trip for 30 days and it was amazing! I would love to go back in the near future. 

What is a cause you really care about right now?
A cause I really care about right now is anti semitism!


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